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Men online dating girlfriend is a couple exchanges cheated 17 months
  • girlfriend" was actually a middle-aged couple, was also cheated 170,000 other large sums of money. This morning,louboutin pas cher, Changping police,gucci, cracked money through online dating fraud cases, suspects have been brought to justice. August 2012, Mr. Wang met through QQ chat,louboutin chaussures Developers arrears of more th, "Wang Xiaoya." Zhangjiakou City,louboutin, Hebei Province, each claiming to be an organ in the civil service,louboutin, and is currently single. After a period of "touch", Mr. Wang Wang Xiaoya conversation feel generous,louboutin chaussures 37 were gang raped 27 friends, gentle temperament. After seeing the other side of life sent after irradiation,hogan, Mr. Wang Wang Xiaoya finds himself looking for the piece is, and the other proposed exchanges, Wang Xiaoya agreed. Since then, both through the network, telephone contact, feelings rapid warming. During this period, Wang Xiaoya to the family doctor and other reasons to continue to borrow money to Mr. Wang,hollister outlet, Mr. Wang gradually sinks to the other 17 million yuan. Nevertheless,air jordan pas cher, as long as Mr. Wang met a mention,louboutin, the other side politely declined. May 31 this year, Mr. Wang can not contact Wang Xiaoya, and was made aware of the possible cheated Changping police. June 23,gucci outlet,Old man of seventy contention legacy will grandson court dispute Heritage, Changping police through careful investigation, in the Changping District of Hebei Ji suspect Wang and his wife,グッチ, Secretary of a captured. According to an account of the Secretary, the couple sought in the QQ online dating with men approached the beautiful woman from the Internet to download the photos to your partner cheating trust,hollister, and then fabricate reasons "borrow" money. To meet each other, dodging but on the "flash people." Currently,グッチ バッグ, the company is a suspicion of fraud Jingfangxingju and her husband Wang was released on bail. (Original title: courtship "girlfriend" was actually the couple understand each other less than a year being cheated 170,000 suspects have been brought to justice)

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