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s murderer eight years (Figure) _ News
  • August 23, the reporter saw in Changji City Kui,hogan outlet, the thin stature,hollister online shop, darker skin young man wearing a brand new casual wear, will take over a new job in Fukang.

    To find his father's murderer, Kui Pupil road from the age of 14 foot, single-handedly catch from a teenager youth, fled to Xinjiang Shihezi years until the killers are caught.

    Wang Youxuan after his death,abercrombie france, his wife became ill and busy taking care of her mother and two young sons, who had been mayor of Wangdian You were busy rushing in the local public security departments to seek explanation for his son,chaussures louboutin, the basic land abandonment.

    Once, Kui fancies himself a knight martial arts films,louboutin pas cher, look see enemies,chaussures louboutin, leash, but watched by his enemies locked, but he chose to exercise restraint.

    Kui can remember, my grandfather Wangdian You have continued to speak to him and his brother, their father Wang Youxuan they are being killed.

    Two years later, when fleeing Kongmou and his little son was arrested, but Kongmou eldest son heard from since.

    Wang Youxuan when he was 28 years old, died on the spot, Wangyou Min and a friends were stabbed.

    "I suddenly feel particularly confused, I avenged, also since become someone else's enemies,abercrombie pas cher, retribution, will not fall into the loop robbery " 22-year-old Kui said.

    1992 Lunar evening of July 25, Taihe Zhao Miao Zhen Gao Village Wangdian You home Wangyou Min villagers with disabilities to enjoy the cool chat after dinner, this time, the villagers Kongmou with his two sons

    "My uncle said, out to make a living, to dress presentable ......" Look at his clothes, Kui shyly.

    In rural areas, more than someone's brother, spoke on the hard gas, the prime of life Wangyou Xuan was originally the home of the pillar, the unexpected death of his family also makes this an instant collapse, because the murderer at large, Wang family did not get a penny of compensation.

    Wang Youxuan buried by their families in their own fields, no tombstone.

    come, and then there is a dispute over the holidays Wangyou Min, who heard Wang Youxuan tried and tried to mediate, was Kongmou eldest son with a prepared ingot stab.

    Kui childhood his father was killed, the family instantly collapse.

    Uncle Wang Yong, patting him on the shoulder, told reporters: "CIA when ye have found,gucci, the child can finally find the object." Originally, Kui told himself released relentless: Can not find his father's murderer, never talk about the object.

    And that he made numerous revenge dream come true when he was caught in tangled,louboutin pas cher.

    's murderer.

    Family agreed,hollister, and when caught the murderer, then moved to the grave graves go.